The Sinking of the R.M.S. Leinster

People on board

Cora Daly

DALY, Cora (née England)

Cora England was born in 1888 in Mitchelstown, Cork to John England, a Merchant, and Elizabeth Cagney. There was one other child, Joseph, a year older, before John died in 1889 aged 30. The family were in Mahon, Cork for both the 1901 and 1911 censuses, and were friends of the Waters family in Ballintemple; Frank Waters, aged 10, stayed with the Englands the night of the 1901 census. His younger sister Maureen was on the RMS Leinster in 1918 with the Dalys.

Louis Dominick Daly was born in 1883 to Maurice Dominick Daly of Cleve Hill, Cork, a prominent Merchant, and Fanny Sullivan. One of eleven children, he was educated at Downside school, near Bath. He was enumerated in the 1911 census in India with the 2nd Battalion of the Leinster Regiment. (His military career is laid out on an family tree, but unsourced.) He was a Major in the Leinsters by 1918, according to his marriage cert.

Louis Daly and Cora England were married in Cork on the 8th October 1918 and met up with Maureen Waters and two other Wrens on board the Leinster on the 10th. Maureen wrote a detailed account of the events which was published in the Cork Examiner.

She and Cora got a place in a lifeboat and were rescued, but Louis, as a senior military officer, stayed behind. Despite some injuries, he was also rescued.

Louis continued his military career; their first child, Pamela Anne, was born in India in 1922 (birth registered both in England and Ireland) and their second, Justin Louis, was born in Boulogne, France in 1924. In 1939 they were living in Yorkshire, when he was a Brigadier. Cora died in 1947 and Louis in 1967.


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