The Sinking of the R.M.S. Leinster

People on board

George Delamore


George Delamore was born in 1881 in New Ferry, the Wirral, Cheshire to Joseph Delamore and Amelia Toleman. George was the youngest of their eight children, one of whom died in infancy. Both Joseph and George were Bakers working in the family bakery and grocery business at 20 Bebington Road, New Ferry, along with the rest of the family. Apart from the business, Joseph Delamore was a J.P., a long-standing member of the local Urban District Council and respected member of the community. He was, apparently, also a strict Wesleyan Methodist. In 1917 George and his brother Joseph took over the business from their father, who was then almost eighty.

In October 1909 George married Margaret Alice Rigby and they had four girls, Kathleen 1910, Edith 1912, Violet 1914 and Florence in 1916. They lived at 14 Ashbrook Terrace in Lower Bebington, close to the business in Bebington Road.

It is not known why George and his father had been in Ireland in October 1918. It has been speculated that they may have been there to buy horses for their delivery wagons, as horses were then in very short supply in England because of war demands. Neither George nor Joseph survived the sinking nor were their bodies recovered. When George’s Will was probated in February 1919 it was found that he left almost £1400 to his widow.

Additional information from Margaret Peters



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