The Sinking of the R.M.S. Leinster

People on board

John Loughlin


John Joseph Loughlin was born in 1873 to William Loughlin and Elizabeth Sullivan, who had married in 1871. John was the eldest of eight children. William’s occupation was given as Sailor and the address, in the Rathdown registration district, was ‘Seaview House’ but it is not known where exactly that was. The family subsequently lived at various addresses in Kingstown including Clarence St., George’s Place, Wellington St and Lwr. George’s St.

 Born in County Wicklow, the William Loughlin listed in the National Archives Shipping Lists as sailing out of Arklow may be this man. From 1903 William was working with the CDSPCo, along with his son William, on the RMS Ulster. In the 1901 census in Duff’s Court, both father and sons, William and John, gave their occupation as Merchant Sailors, but didn’t specify their employer. In the 1911 census William Snr., then living in Dominick St., was still working as a Sailor, and was listed as a widower, Elizabeth having died in 1892. John had married in 1902 to Mary Fox of Damer Court, Cumberland St. and they were listed in 1911 at 7 Ryan’s Court, off Mulgrave St., John giving his occupation as ‘Sailor, Merchant Service’. John and Mary had five children born at that stage and Mary’s seventy-six year old mother was also living with them. Four more children were born, the youngest, Margaret in 1917.

John Loughlin was working as a Seaman on the RMS Leinster on the 10th October 1918, though it is not clear when he started working on the mailboats. He was not rescued and his body was never recovered. The family address in 1918 was 105 Patrick Street. His father William died in 1920 in Dominick Street. A large number of family members remember John.



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